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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Italian Tree Tomato-Fact or Fiction

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I just had to find out more about this miracle tomato so I bought some seeds.........planted them alongside 2 other prolific species.........gave them the same treatment..............and waited!

I was stunned by the results I got from the giant beefsteak tomato and the Polish Giant Paste tomato.......

Now scroll down to see how the miraculous Italian Tree tomato performed?

Italian Tree Tomato-Fact or Fiction?

 Italian Tree Tomato-Does It Really Live Up to It's Promise?

The Italian Tree Tomato remains an enigma-it promises the world but is it just a pipe dream?  On the surface it is every gardener's dream : a magical plant with equally magical yields. Some seed-sellers speak of 3 bushels of fat juicy tomatoes from a single vine growing up to 10 metres (30 ft). That's the equivalent of 160 lbs or roughly 70 kgs. With such incredible yields, it's a wonder that you can't buy one from any supermarket or vegetable store. Equally exciting is the claim that this miracle tree is perennial in nature. Simply cut it back in winter claims one ad. and watch it throw out new shoots in Spring.




                                            Italian Tomato Tree-Growing Massive Tomatoes

                                                                 More observations below.


                            Heirloom seeds-   Best Tomato seed link-over 5000 varieties

Lack of Images

Amazingly for a tree of such repute, there appears to be only a handful of photographs. Most seed sellers use the same Epcot Centre photograph of a prolific cluster of tomatoes. A few others are dark and unclear  images of what could be anything.




Nothing to Lose-Controlled Experiment

With nothing to lose I joined the bandwagon and ordered a pack of 10 seeds which set me back $6.00, rather expensive when on average one pays $2.00. But then this is a special tomato plant and my simple maths tells me that 160 lbs of tomatoes are worth at least $200.00 so what the heck? I decided to plant 4 different varieties along with the Italian Tree Tomato and made a special effort to apply the same preparation and fertilising regime to all the plants.


                    All set with each growing hole receiving the same fertilisation and exposure to the sun.




Surprisingly, The Italian Tree Tomato was first to germinate and looked the healthiest.It also grew faster than the others. Once it reached about 8cm it began to rapidly show signs of weakness. The leaves began to brown off and the stem lost its lustre and fine hair.
Experience taught me to accept defeat but undeterred, I replanted with the same negative result. I made my third and final effort but on this occassion added more mulch and sprayed the foliage with seaweed solution. In addition, I used a shade cloth for an hour or two during the hottest two hours of selected days.
The result was that the seedling delayed browning off and wilting for a full 2 weeks but remained frail until eventually joining the others in heaven.


The others grown in the experiment-actual pictures



         Polish Giant  





Giant Beefsteak


                                                      Doomed Italian Tomato tree



Why did it fail??                       




The other tomato plants went on to produce impressively and will feature on the blog shortly. I can only conclude that the Italian Tree Tomato has some special requirements so I have ordered more seed from a different supplier. I am determined to succeed. Hope to show off 160 lbs of tomato hanging from a single vine.Look out for it on future posts.

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